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We are Helping businesses to make permanent & happy customers through our CRM software.

What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?

If your business demands organized workflow and good customer relationships, CRM software is for you. It is software that helps organizations store customer data and organize a workflow to fulfill their requirements on time. Earlier business organizations were using different platforms to store different types of data. But now with the MNB CRM software, business organizations can store all of them in one place. Whether it is the sales lead or client data, you can store each of them in 1 place and easily access them whenever required.

Using MNB CRM software will help you improve your sales, productivity, and return on investment, prioritize the work of customers, and build better relationships with them. Companies using our CRM are regularly increasing their profit. Now, what are you waiting for? Improve your business profit with our CRM software.

Why You Will Love Us

We are loved by business organizations as our CRM software contains advanced features that work as the best solution for all business problems. Below is an insight into the features of the most loved CRM software.


Lead Management

With our CRM software, you can find good leads, manage them, and convert them into happy paying clients.


Data Management

Storing and protecting important data, such as customer and employee information, is very easy with MNB CRM software.


Customer-Centric Approach

Our CRM software follows a customer-centric approach by helping you to reach, answer, and stay in touch with customers.


Workflow Automation

MNB CRM software automates boring and daunting administration tasks and helps your team focus on closing good deals with customers.


Project Management

Using our CRM software you can track the progress of your projects, check the employees responsible for them, and complete them on time.



AI is the most loved feature of MNB CRM Software. It automates complex work, predicts market trends, and customer demands, and helps organizations achieve success.


E-Book To Secure Your Business Information

You no longer have to waste time searching for crucial business information or documents at the time of requirement. MNB CRM offers an e-book that you can use to store all the important information or documents of your business. Also, you can easily access them whenever required.


Sales Report to Analyze Growth

The ultimate goal of every organization is to increase sales and profit maximization. MNB CRM automates the complex process of generating comprehensive sales reports and helps you analyze the profit growth of your business. With MNB CRM, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


HRMS to Reduce HR Functions

MNB CRM offers an HRMS system that automates many complex functions of your human resource team, including payrolls, tracking employee attendance, etc. This function of HRMS allows your team to focus on other crucial work and success.

Project Management

Project Management To Keep Clients Happy

MNB CRM has a project management feature that allows you to track the progress of your project and the resources allocated for it. This feature of MNB CRM helps to deliver all your projects on time and keeps your clients happy.


Quality Lead For Profit Maximization

MNB CRM software is designed to assist you in capturing, storing, and managing quality leads, which can be converted into high-paying clients. The lead management system of MNB CRM also allows you to build healthy communication with your existing and potential customers through automated emails and messages.


Purchase Report to Manage Expenses

Managing business expenses helps in profit maximization. MNB CRM keeps a record of every purchase you make for your business and creates a report of it. By using the purchase report generated by MNB CRM, you can identify and reduce unnecessary expenses, ultimately enhance your profits.

Benefits of Using MNB CRM Software

Downloading & Using MNB CRM will help you to grab several profitable benefits, including:

Enhanced Sales

Increased Productivity

Everlasting Relationships with Customers

Edge Over Competitors

Optimized Workflow

No-Delayed Delivery of Projects

Improved Digital Security

Simple Way of Using

You can easily enjoy the advanced features of MNB CRM by following the steps mentioned below-

Send Requirements & Chill

Each business has different requirements. By explaining your business requirements to us, you sit back and chill.

We Will Develop or Customize For You

We will customize our CRM according to your business requirements to deliver the best CRM software.

Enjoy the Best CRM Software

Now you only have to use and enjoy the advanced features of our CRM software that will help you fulfill your business requirements.

Continuous Development

We keep ourselves updated with the latest business trends and update our CRM software according to them.

Watch 2-Minute Video For Better Understanding

Watching the video will provide you with a better understanding of how to use MNB CRM.

Download Our App

Download the App
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You can download MNB CRM for free to uplift your business growth.


What Clients Say

(4.7) review

Best app for business managment. And user friendly app. manages emloyee, office, leads , attendance , accounts , projects and more features.

Ashutosh Pandey
(4.7) review

Overall looking pretty good! Had all the features which I need.. Highly recommended!!!

Swapnil Singh

Frequently asked questions

What is MNB CRM Software?

MNB CRM software is the best tool that helps business organizations to automate boring & complex tasks, increase productivity, and sales, and make better relations with clients.

Can I customize MNB CRM software?

We understand that every business organization has different requirements. So, we allow you to customize MNB CRM software according to your business requirements.

What are the main features of MNB CRM Software?

MNB CRM Software has advanced features like lead management, data management, project management, communication management, customer support ticketing, and many others.

Can MNB CRM software help me to improve my digital security?

MNB CRM software comes with modern end-to-end encryption security technology. So yes, you can improve your digital security with it.

Is MNB CRM software cloud-based?

Yes, MNB CRM software is cloud-based. You can access it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection

Is the customer service available to solve my problems?

Yes, MNB CRM Software offers 24*7 customer support service to solve your problems.

Can't find an answer? Email us